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Title GU8 Joint Research Committee held at Inha University
Date 2012.03.14 10:44 Read 2330

Global U8 Consortium Joint Research Committee held at Inha

The 5th Meeting of the Joint Research Committee (JRC) of the Global U8 Consortium was held at Inha University from March 31 ~ April 1.

The JRC members discussed a variety of ways to promote research collaboration among GU8 member universities during the two-day meeting. It was a truly global meeting which had attendees representing 6 countries including President Camille Galap from University of Le Havre, France, Committee Chair Peter Alfonso, Vice President for Research of the University of Rhode Island, USA, and Vice Chair Barry Winn, Pro Vice-Chancellor for Research and Enterprise of the University of Hull, UK.

The results and outcomes drawn at the JRC included:

▶ Collecting funds to be used to organize meetings for the Future Supply Chain Management Task Force and for seed funding of competitive requests for proposals.

▶ Developing a proposal to establish the GU8 Intellectual Property Policy and Research Foundation

▶ Encouraging research collaboration in the area of renewable and sustainable energy through cooperation between and contributions by Professor Cristian Nichita of the University of Le Havre and Professor Chul Hee Jo of Inha University.

▶ Promoting cooperation in the field of media and globalization as proposed by Professor Daeho Kim of Inha University.

▶ Holding workshops for the Future Supply Chain Management Task Force at the University of Rhode Island in June 2009, and for the theme of "Adaptation to Global Climate Change" at the University of Hull.

The JRC also welcomed the new Committee Chair, Professor Barry Winn for a three year term, and voted unanimously to accept the nomination of Professor Daine Alcorn, Pro-Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation of RMIT University as Vice Chair.

The Global U8 Consortium ( is an alliance of universities from around the world whose objectives are to create a dynamic and distinctive collaboration, and to develop innovative curricula and research programs. The GU8 Consortium focuses principally on four related academic disciplines: Marine Affairs, Global Logistics, Business Administration, and Advanced Technologies.