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Title The 8th Education Committee and the 7th Joint Research Committee Meetings
Date 2012.04.03 14:33 Read 7911

The GU8 meetings of the 8th Education Committee(EC) and the 7th Joint Research Committee(JRC) were held in the University of Haifa, Israel, from March 28~29, 2012. The joint meetings were represented by five member institutions including the universities of Haifa(Israel), Le Havre(France), Inha(Korea), Xiamen(China) and Hull(UK).


During the two-day marathon meeting, participants had in-depth discussions to expand and improve their joint efforts both in education and research and had a chance to share and exchange recent news and information with each other.


The consortium has been successfully running the Global MBA and Leadership program for last four years since 2008, under which students are allowed to study and travel together to participate in education programs offered in 4 different countries of USA, France, China and Korea. The program has produced 67 alumni up to now who have been playing a leading role in the global arenas of further studies and business. The GU8 has also launched the GMLog (Global Masters in Logistics) in 2009, another multilateral joint education program, with a focus on the field of logistics. Participating universities have discussed details of the two programs within the multinational format, and also agreed to promote student mobilities for regular semesters and summer schools on the bilateral level as well.


In the research part, participants noted the extensive and active research activities in marine affairs conducted by researchers of various disciplines at the University of Haifa. An agreement has been made to hold a research meeting the upcoming summer in Xiamen where representatives from each member university will seek best feasible ways to conduct interdisciplinary joint research in the field of marine science and affairs. Marine Affairs is one of the four focus areas of collaboration within the GU8 along with Global Logistics, Business Administration and Advanced Technologies. Representatives have also recognized the importance of drawing practical results from research collaboration such as publication of research papers or receiving research funding from outside sources through joint efforts by scholars from the GU8.


In terms of the Consortium management, they agreed to invite new member universities either as a full member or associate member who will be able to help make the GU8 more global and multicultural. The report of the GU8 fund will be also drafted and submitted to the Council of Presidents(COP), the supreme approving body of the GU8 Consortium. The next COP meeting was proposed to be held either in Inha University (October 2012) or in Le Havre (February 2013) depending on the circumstances and consultation at both institutions.


The University of Haifa is recognized as the most pluralistic institution of higher education in Israel with 17,000 students of various cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Since its inception in 1963, the University has been committed to its primary goals of the link between academic excellence and social responsibility, and the service to the community. Advanced research is conducted in centers and institutes on a wide variety of subjects and fields, and the University campus on the beautiful Carmel Mountain boasts of the IBM center, the largest research center the global company set up outside the United States.