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Title GU8 welcomes new Chair and Secretary-General
Date 2013.02.28 19:03 Read 5147

Dr. Choonbae Park, President of Inha University, has embarked on his new responsibilities as the Chair of the Council of Presidents of GU8 since he was elected unanimously in the 7th COP meeting held at Inha University in November 2012. President Park is a professor of Aerospace Engineering and has been successfully heading Inha University since March 2012.

After three months of his new position, Dr. Park has finally appointed Dr. Keeyoung Choi as the new Secretary-General of GU8 in February 25, 2013. Dr. Choi is a professor of the Aerospace Engineering at Inha University and studied at the Seoul National University and Stanford University. He has been highly recognized not only as a scholar but also as an administrator for his excellent career as the Vice Dean of Academic Affairs and Vice Dean of College of Engineering, and was recently appointed as the Dean of International Affairs of Inha University. 

In his new role as the Secretary-General, Prof. Choi will have the responsibility of implementing and facilitating all the GU8 initiatives and programs, with support of the Secretariat which is also composed of Inha University staff, in close cooperation with other members. 

he Global U8 Consortium was launched in April 2004 with the grand inauguration ceremony in Incheon, Korea, and President Seoung-Yong Hong of Inha University was elected as the founding Chair of the GU8 with assistance of Dr. Young-Tae Chang, the first Secretary-General. Second chairmanship was taken over in 2007 by President Robert Carothers of the University of Rhode Island who named Dr. Judy Beckman as the next Secretary-General. The University of Le Havre agreed to lead the Consortium third time in 2010 with President Camille Galap and Prof. Cristian Nichita serving as the Chair and Secretary-General of GU8 respectively. President Pascal Reghem continued the chairmanship briefly since Dr. Galap has retired. 

The role of Chair University of GU8 has finally returned to Inha University second time, and the new term seems to begin in its full swing with the inauguration of new Chair and Secretary-General.

President Choonbae Park
President Choonbae Park

Prof. Keeyoung Choi
Prof. Keeyoung Choi