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Title The 7th COP Meeting held at Inha University
Date 2012.12.03 10:02 Read 8080

GU8 Council of Presidents Meeting Held at Inha

The 7th Council of Presidents Meeting (COP) of the GU8 Consortium was held at Inha University, Korea from November 22nd to 23rd,, 2012. Fifteen university presidents and representatives from seven different countries participated in the meeting, including the University of Le Havre (France), Xiamen University (China), the University of Hull (UK), the University of Haifa (Israel), University of Fortaleza (Brazil), Universiti Malaysia Perlis (Malaysia) and Inha University.

The delegates of the GU8 member universities were briefed about the achievements and current status of educational and research cooperation, which has been carried out between the member universities since the last COP meeting held in April 2011 in Xiamen. They also discussed details of the exchange programs as well as the management of the consortium to further develop the organization.

The members of the GU8 consortium reviewed and finally approved to accept two more members, the University of Fortaleza from Brazil and the Universiti Malaysia Perlis from Malaysia, bringing the consortium to a total of seven universities from around the globe. With the admission of the new members from South America and Southeast Asia, the consortium has now gained a foothold in these regions for more diverse exchanges and collaboration.

The GU8 Consortium elected President Park of Inha University as the next Chair of the COP and agreed to establish its secretariat at Inha. This is the second time Inha has assumed the leadership of the organization since it took the first secretariat in 2004 when the consortium was set up.

In an effort to improve the internationalization and development of the organization, the participants unanimously adopted and signed the ‘Incheon Declaration’, which supports ▶ the election of President Park of Inha as the next Chair of the COP and establishment of the secretariat at Inha, ▶ the acceptance of the University of Fortaleza and the Universiti Malaysia Perlis as new members of the consortium, ▶ the integrated management of the Global MBA and Leadership Program and Global Master’s Program in Logistics, ▶ promoting student mobility through the GU8 summer school, ▶ opening a workshop at the University of Hull for joint research in the field of marine science and affairs, ▶ the selection of the University of Fortaleza as the host for the next Education Committee and Joint Research Committee in May 2013, ▶ the selection of the University of Le Havre as the host for the next COP meeting in 2014.

Established in 2004 and spearheaded by Inha University, the Global U8 Consortium has striven to improve the quality of research and education in the field of key areas such as business administration, global logistics, marine science and advanced technologies by actively exchanging student/faculty, developing joint curriculum and conducting joint research projects.