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Title Joint Meeting of EC and JRC in Haifa
Date 2012.03.14 13:04 Read 2718

The 8th Education Committee (EC) and the 7th Joint Research Committee (JRC) meetings will be held jointly at the University of Haifa, Israel, from March 28~29, 2012.   All representatives who are invloved in the GU8 activities and exchange programs both in education and research are invited. 

The provisional agenda will include:

Overview of GU8 activities (by Prof. Cristian Nichita, Secretary-General of GU8)
Status Report on activities in education (by Prof. Nathalie Aubourg, Chair of EC)
Reports by representatives from respective universities
Research progress in focus fields: Logistics and Renewable Energies (by Prof. Nichita)
Status Report by JRC members
Presentation of the new GU8 website (by Vice President In-Joo Chin)
Administration activities of GU8
Financial report (by Prof. Uichol Kim, Treasurer)
Wrap-up and draft of Haifa resolution

University of Haifa

The City of Haifa