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Title International Conference on Asia-Europe Relations
Date 2012.04.03 09:39 Read 2872

An international conference on Interregional Competition and Asia-Europe Relations in the 21st century will be held at the University of Le Havre from April 5-6, 2012. The two day conference will bring together participants from the Universities of Inha and Xiamen, and also from other universities in Central Asia. Two conferences on a similar theme have already been organised both in Le Havre and in Inha University. The 4th conference could be organised in 2014 at one of the GU8 member universities or possibly in Central Asia.


The first two conferences involved mainly the universities of Le Havre and Inha. This bilateral cooperation has already lead to the publication of 2 books. It has now opened to Xiamen University and to other countries in Asia.


Scholars from related fields are most welcome to participate. The detailed programme of the conference is attached.

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