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Title GU8 Joint Workshop (Ecotoxicology/Biomass & Biofuel) at Universiti Malaysia Perlis
Date 2014.01.06 16:16 Read 8406
The workshop is a platform for GU8 members to discuss the potential collaboration research in two major areas which are Ecotoxicology and Biomass:


Environmental ecotoxicology is a branch of science concerned with the release of exnobiotics into environment, their distribution, fate in the biosphere, food chain and especially in ecosystems and ecosystems components. It deals with microorganisms, plants and animals and all kinds in relation to their abiotic environment. In UniMAP, ectoxicology research focuses primarily on the effects of pesticides on the biological systems, which includes microbenthic organisms and biodiversity of bacteria in the irrigation system down to the coastal area.

This joint research workshop aims to provide continuity from the last ecotoxicology meeting in Hull recently. Researchers will discuss latest developments and challenges related to the work, and at the same time, will be shown first hand to UniMAP''''''''s ongoing ecotoxicology project.

■ Biomass

Biomass is biological materials from living matter such as field''''''''s crops and trees. Agricultural and forestry wastes and municipal solid wastes are also considered in the biomass category. Biomass accounts for a significant share of the total energy consumption in developing countries. Biomass provides basic energy requirements for cooking and heating in rural households and for processing in a variety of traditional industries in developing countries. The use of biomass fuels is also well established in agro-processing and wood processing industries. In most developing countries, the share of traditional fuels in the total national energy use has been falling in recent years. This is mainly due to rapid increase in commercial energy consumption in these countries. Much of the biomass fuel used in Asian countries is consumed in traditional energy systems, which are characterized by low efficiency and emission of pollutants. Therefore, a collaboration and contribution from the expertise from various countries is much important to resolve the problem.

This joint research workshop aims to provide a platform upon which the research direction of work in biomass can be carried out on the GU8 platform. Researchers will discuss their institution''''''''s latest developments and challenges in the field, and against this backdrop, will charter future GU8 biomass research agenda, so as to leverage on each other''''''''s strengths. 

* Some biomass areas of interest include:
* Wood and crop waste
* Biomass logistics, harvesting, transportation, characterization, storage and pretreatment for biochemical and thermochemical conversion
* Pulp and paper
* Natural fiber utilization
* Biomass thermal conversion and related
* Innovative biorefinery approaches for products characterization, extraction of valuable chemicals and primary conversion of intermediates

Dates: December 9 - 11, 2013

Place: Universiti Malaysia Perlis, Malaysia

Featured Topic: Ecotoxicology / Biofuel & Biomass  

■ Contacts 
   - Local organizer : Dr. Farrah Aini bt Dahalan, UniMAP (

   - Co-organizer : Dr. Sam Sung Ting, UniMAP (

We look forward to another successful meeting with many participants and fruitful results.
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