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Title Starting Global MBA and Leadership program
Date 2012.03.13 19:34 Read 2281

GU8 Consortium started the premiere ‘Global Leadership Program’

The Global U8 Consortium (GU8) has opened the premiere ‘Global Leadership Program’ which was prepared in partnership with 4 member Universities of the Global U8 Consortium. The 20 students from University of Rhode Island of USA, Le Havre University of France, Xiamen University of China, and Inha University completed their 4th session at Inha University.

The Global Leadership Program consists of 4 individual sessions which are prepared by the 4 member Universities. The participating member Universities take turns in offering courses to the visiting students with two weeks at each university from June 23~August 18, 2008. 

During 2 weeks of stay at Inha University, the students studied ‘Leadership and Creativity’, along with the seminars and the site visits to global companies. In particular, when they visited LG Electronics and other global IT companies in Korea, they also had opportunities to talk with high ranking managers and key members of the company, thus learning the history of the enterprise and know-how connected to the company’s and their personal success.

All participants expressed their satisfaction with the uniqueness and excellence of the programs. Moreover, the participating students expressed their admiration for Korea and Korean culture, which they have never been exposed to in their home countries.

The participants can acquire 12 credits if they complete all 4 sessions at the 4 member Universities.