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Title GU8 Mathematics Contest Results Announced
Date 2012.03.14 10:48 Read 2894

GU8 Mathematics Contest Results Announced
 The Organizing Committee of the 2009 GU8 Mathematics Contest announced the final results of the contest late June in which 33 students were selected as the award winners for the first year of the contest.
The GU8 Math Contest was initiated and organized by Inha University to enhance cooperation and exchanges in the field of mathematics, as well as in science and technology in the long run, within the Global U8 Consortium.
Inha University set up the organizing committee early in February (Chair: Prof. Yong-Jin Song) comprised of 6 professors with expertise and experience in international mathematics education and research. The committee strived together for months to provide test problems and guidelines that reflect a balanced level and range of college mathematics to meet a global standard. Each participating university held a separate contest within the set period from late April to early May, in accordance with their own academic schedule.
In total, 259 students from 6 member universities participated in the contest this year including Inha University, Xiamen University(China), University of Rhode Island(USA), RMIT University(Australia), University of Le Havre(France) and University of Haifa(Israel). The sublime honor of the Grand Prix award and a $1,000 cash prize went to Chen Shen from Xiamen University while other prizes ranging from Gold, Silver to Bronze were distributed to 32 students from all of the participating universities.
Seven Inha students won prizes, 2 gold, 2 silver and 3 bronze, and received honorary certificates by President Bon-Su Lee in an award ceremony held on July 6. Dr. Lee complimented greatly their exceptional performance and competitive spirit, and encouraged them to continue their pursuit for academic excellence in both the domestic and international arenas.

(Prize winners from Inha University are posing with President Bon-Su Lee and Prof. Yong-Jin Song after the award ceremony.)

Xiamen University also held an award ceremony on July 7 where their winning students were honored with certificates, prizes and congratulations. Other universities are also expected to hold celebrations for their own prize winners separately.

(Mr. Shen Chen from Xiamen University received the Grand Prix award and a $1,000 cash prize.)

The 2009 GU8 Math Contest has been an unexpected success given that this was the first year it was held. It will continue to be organized as an annual event to promote and encourage competitiveness and progress in mathematics and basic science among the talented young students within the Consortium.

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