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Title Joint EC & JRC meetings at the University of Fortaleza
Date 2013.05.07 18:00 Read 7641
The 9th Education Committee (EC) and the 8th Joint Research Committee (JRC) meetings will be held jointly at the University of Fortaleza, Brazil, from May 9 to 10, 2013.   All representatives who are invloved in the GU8 activities and exchange programs both in education and research are invited. 

The provisional agenda will include:

Overview of GU8 activities (by Dr. Keeyoung Choi, Secretary-General of GU8)
Status Report on activities in education (by Prof. Nathalie Aubourg, Chair of EC)
Reports by representatives from respective universities
Status Report by JRC members
Administration activities of GU8
Financial report (by Prof. Uichol Kim, Treasurer)
Wrap-up and draft of Fortaleza resolution