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Inha University has forged a unique place in the history of academics with in Korea. The academic ideals behind the development of the University are deeply rooted in recognition of the scientific and technological impulse of tertiary education. These ideals and the vision of Inha emerged from the dream of Korean emigrants who settled in Hawaii, and sought to establish the M.I.T of the Eastern World in Incheon, as such the name Inha comes from the first syllables of Incheon and Hawaii. In turn, this dually symbolizes the principles of incorporating western-style education with in Korea and recognition of instilling with in the local community, and each individual, the knowledge and aspirations that stem from higher learning.

Inha has been built not just out of bricks and mortar but on three main ideals - development of character, search for truth, and service to society. After 50 years of dynamic growth, the University tradition is still one of sustained innovation. Inha University offers a wide range of faculties, across 10 colleges with more than 50 major fields, along with 7 graduate schools. The fields of engineering, science, and technology share levels of excellence with disciplines as diverse as Art, Commerce, Education, Human Ecology, Law, Languages, Medicine, Management, and Social Science. Further, the University is following its tradition of expansion to include course programs with in the fields of Biotechnology, High Performance Materials and Nanotechnology, International Trade, Mechanical Engineering, Molecular Science, Space and Aeronautics, and Telecommunication.

In the 21 st century Inha is a leading university of the Pacific-Rim, with a firmly established center of learning, and a research environment secured by advanced technology alongside state-of-the-art educational infrastructure. Such infrastructure equips Inha's 20,000 national and international students to become international leaders, and allows the 650 foreign and Korean national faculty members to develop ground-breaking research. As a result, Inha University is recognized as one of the best universities in Korea by the Ministry of Education and Human Resources, and ranks as one of the nation's top schools.

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