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Welcome to the GU8 website!

The Global U8 Consortium was launched in 2004 on the auspicious occasion of the 50th anniversary of Inha University. University networking of this kind was a very new concept even at that time and the GU8 has been highly regarded as presenting a unique model of collaboration between institutions of higher learning in the global arena, with its future-oriented approach. It has been our pride and pleasure to witness the continued growth and development of the Consortium during the relatively short history.

Prestigious universities from around the world have joined the Consortium with the shared confidence in the importance of partnership on the international and multicultural level, beyond the traditional bilateral relationship. Although there have been slight changes in membership over the years, the core values of the GU8 have remained the same as manifested in the mission statement;
"The Global U8 Consortium is an alliance of universities from around the world whose objective is a dynamic and distinctive collaboration, building innovative curricular and research programs. The GU8 Consortium focuses principally on four related academic disciplines: Marine Affairs, Global Logistics, Business Administration, and Advanced Technologies. All GU8 members strive to advance worldwide knowledge in these areas of common expertise. We pursue excellence, focus on sustainability and responsible leadership, and impact these values through our students, researchers and partners."

As the Chair of the COP, and on behalf of the GU8 community, I would like to make sure that the GU8 Consortium will continue to make its concerted efforts to promote the globalization of all member institutions and to create numerous opportunities of student exchange, mutual visits and networking, joint research and collaboration in various ways.

Thank you.

President, Inha University
Chair of the Council of Presidents, GU8 Consortium