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  • GU8 Member Institutions
    • Xiamen University, China   more
    • University of Le Havre, France   more
    • Inha University, Korea   more
    • University of Haifa, Israel   more
    • University of Hull, UK   more
    • University of Fortaleza, Brazil   more
    • Universiti Malaysia Perlis, Malaysia   more
    • Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg, Germany    more


  • Associate Member
    • RMIT University, Australia   more


  • Membership

The GU8 Consortiu m welcomes applications of new membership. Please contact the Secretariat ( for further information on the criteria and procedures. New entry applications will be compiled and submitted to the Council of Presidents, the prime decision-making board of the GU8, for review and approval.

  • Criteria of Candidates
    • Be open to and supportive of the needs and significance of multinational/ multilateral cooperation between global institutions of higher education
    • Be located within or near a Port City of which location will bring diversity and balance to the Consortium
    • Provide education and/or research programs in at least two of the four strategic areas of the GU8 Consortium; 1) Global Logistics, 2) Business Administration, 3) Marine Affairs and 4) Advanced Technologies
    • Be willing to explore collaborative relationships and implement exchange/ cooperation programs with other members from various cultures


  • Benefits
    • Be a member of a community of universities from around the world
    • Expand and upgrade international relationships to a multilateral level beyond the limitations of bilateral cooperation
    • Access to academic information and programs each member can provide
    • Increase opportunities for student and faculty exchanges with other member universities
    • Build a network among international scholars and researchers in different countries to enhance possibilities of international collaboration
    • Utilize the consortium to extend member’s own strengths and to benefit from the cooperation and collaboration of member universities