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Founded in 1963, the University of Haifa, the only liberal arts university in northern Israel, sits atop Mount Carmel and serves a student body--the most pluralistic in the country--of almost 13,000 undergraduate and graduate students. 

Most students study within the framework of one of six Faculties: Humanities, Social Sciences , Law, Science and Science Education, Social Welfare and Health Studies, and Education. There is also the Graduate School of Business . Finally, good opportunities exist for interdisciplinary studies, especially on the graduate level.

The University's dual mission of first-rate higher education and service to the community at large is manifested in part by providing equal educational opportunities to all sectors of the society. Unique immigrant absorption programs also express this dual commitment. The culturally heterogenous student body adds to the stimulating intellectual atmosphere on campus.

Among community projects initiated by the University are several having as their objective the encouragement of mutual understanding and cooperation between the Jewish and Arab populations on and off campus. The latter is an area in which the University of Haifa has been a pioneer and leader in the cause of peace.

Research at the University is fostered by a variety of centers, institutes, and laboratories, which ponder vital questions of life and society and proffer solutions that are not just academic.

An Overseas Studies Program has a renowned ulpan and integrates students, drawn from around the world, into the University's special campus life.

Site of one of the few IBM research centers located outside the United States, the University of Haifa campus is also home to the only archeological museum-the Hecht Museum-situated on an Israeli campus.

The University's art galleries and murals indoors supplement the view over Haifa Bay, the surrounding Carmel National Park, and north to the mountains of the Galilee to offer an aesthetic learning environment.

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